AliceTest2Hey there. You found me. Cool.

So after a lengthy career as an academic (most recently an English professor at Arizona State University), I’m switching gears and building a new career around my favorite things: digital media and social technologies. In a lot of ways, I’ve been preparing for this switch for years by building websites for the classes I taught and focusing my research on how people use digital communication tools. I’m enthusiastic about seeing how I can deepen my involvement in more practical ways by working as a digital content strategist here in the Phoenix area.

A little more about me: I love the “you can’t make this stuff up” nature of politics. I’ve been an indie rock snob for 30 years. And if there’s one thing I absolutely have to do every day, it’s seeking out something new to learn about.

“Daer” is my married name, and I changed it primarily because I wanted very much to be “Dr. Daer,” because who wouldn’t want that? It also helps that I was a literacy scholar and “DAER” is “READ” spelled backward. It is pronounced “DARE.” I was previously known as Alice Robison, and if you’re reading carefully you now know why I was so anxious to get rid of that surname.


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