AliceTest2I am an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. As a member of the graduate program in Rhetoric and Composition Studies, I teach courses on digital literacies, social media, and ethnographic methods. I write about the intersections of curriculum design, genre, literacy practices, and digital culture. I am especially interested in using trans-disciplinary research methods like ethnography, discourse analysis, and genre theory to document and theorize the ways that people write and use language in social media contexts so that we might better design learning experiences that appeal to those uses of language.

I am originally from Overland Park, Kansas. I attended the University of Kansas and have since lived in Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; and Cambridge, MA. I met my husband @azrunning in 2009 and in 2011 we became parents to Nina Ruth Daer. We also have 2 dogs and live near campus in Tempe, Arizona.

I love politics, indie rock, and asking questions. Yes I know my name is “read” spelled backwards. It is pronounced “DARE.” I was previously known as Alice Robison, and there are a lot of folks out there who aren’t aware that she and Alice Daer are the same person.